Sunday, September 2, 2012

Contact Paper Masterpiece

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Last week, I found cheap contact paper at our local hardware store. I was waiting for a rainy day to bust this out, but I get impatient when I'm excited.

So I did this today, instead of catching up on any one of the 10 or so saved blogs I need to polish write in front of this one. Just don't be surprised if in 12 years you see posts featuring a craft I did with 19-month-old V. "just yesterday!" ... it will happen.

Contact paper is cool. I also envisioned this being done on a window, but we have screens in the doors right now and my child likes to dump things. Instead, I taped the contact paper sticky-side-up to our "learning table" and let her at it.

First she just stuck her hand to it. Then she compared the sticky paper to the table, which is not (usually) sticky.

After she had a good time with that, I gave her little applesauce containers with tissue paper squares, colored rice, cut-up pipe cleaners, a cotton ball, and a little glitter. Thankfully she dumped the glitter right out onto the contact paper, where it stayed.

 Once she was done sticking and resticking everything, I folded her masterpiece in half, taped around the edges (because honestly, it had lost most of its stick by then and I didn't want glitter and rice everywhere) and we hung it in the window.

V. also hung a piece of paper under it, to finish off the look.

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