Saturday, January 30, 2016

PJ Masks Birthday Party

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PJ Masks Party Success!

For all the mommas out there trying to plan a PJ Masks party, here is how ours played out!

Last night was spent last-minute crafting. What else are you going to do when there aren't themed goods out yet? Note: This glue is strong enough to glue your hand to your wine glass. There are worse things, I suppose.

The toppers came out awesome. I used my Cricut for the outer circles and cake pop sticks. 

I found a pink dress and green sweater at a local kids' consignment yesterday, and basted on the symbols. Success, and removable!

Owlette's cape was made by tracing V's armspan and cutting out lighter felt to look like overlapping feathers.

Jelly Belly favors!

The masks were a big hit! I used the pattern from Simply Real Moms

I cut Owlette's mask as one layer and used glow-in-the-dark puffy paint for details. Instead of poking holes in the masks for string elastic, I hot glued foldable elastic onto the backs. The bracelets are the same elastic with a felt oval, and decorated with glow paint. 

I used generic red, blue, and green decorations and utensils. I made .svg files of the characters' symbols and silhouettes, and cut them with my Cricut. 

We had a laser beam area and some obstacle rings set up for superheroes, as well as a Lego space. The aftermath was the only picture I got. 

It was wonderful, but only because we are surrounded by the best people. 


  1. Oh man, what an awesome party!! V looks like a million bucks as Owlette. :-)

  2. Do you have the svg files of the silhouette you used to cut out in your cricut? Also how did you make the stickers for the cupcake sticks?