Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween Safety - Lights!

Pin It There are a million memes on the internet warning parents of the dangers of Halloween, particularly surrounding the potential for someone to slip your kid some E.

We won't go into that here. I wanted to share an incidental trick we discovered last night that was really great.

Check out their buckets. Their glowing buckets.

We went trick-or-treating with our good friends for a grand total of six kids. Five of them were dressed in black costumes, and in the shadows, you can't see the reflective tape. The night before, I had hosted our annual playgroup party, which featured a giant bin of water beads. What makes water beads even more fun? Submersible floral lights. I hoarded all of my craft coupons and bought these beauties at our local craft store. They aren't cheap, but they last for hours and have replaceable batteries. The kids played with them in the sensory bin for three hours before I shut them off. They lasted another two trick-or-treating and still have a lot of life left. 

Having forgotten to buy glow sticks, we decided to use these. They were much brighter than glowsticks, and much easier than flashlights. 

The lights have a loop on the edge that would make putting them on a ribbon easy. I had intended to do just that, but as it was I nearly forgot them altogether and Cat Woman had to run back to the house and save the day. 

These lights really illuminated the buckets! Every once in a while we'd dig one out of a candy pile and put it back on top. 

This is just a quick and easy step you can take to ensure a little safety on Halloween.

PS - If you were wondering about the water beads bin, the lights were amazing in there as well!

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