Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Eggs! It is why we keep chickens, after all!

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Eggs! We finally have eggs! Our six Easter Egger chickens have finally started laying, in the middle of our (warm) New England January, at nearly 33 weeks old. The first was on my birthday, from the lady I named, Dotty. We had five before we left for Disney. I haven't bought eggs since. Not even for baking.

Checking for eggs doesn't lose excitement. We thank the ladies and check the colors. I'm pretty certain Little lays the pink eggs, Dotty's are a light bluish-green, and the rest are between green and olive.

Our eggs are fairly uniform in size, but we did have one bitty egg and one giant egg. One teeny complete egg and one double yolk!


And here is why we lay eggs. The top left is the one store egg we had left. Fine, but you can see how it pales in comparison to the rest of the yolks. Our eggs are creamier and richer in taste. We know what goes into them because I've been the one filling the feed bowl since the chickies started eating. They do free range when we are about the house or in the yard, and I mix their food for their health and interest as well as ours. 

Finally! Eggs! Eggs to eat, eggs to spare, eggs to give to friends!

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