Thursday, May 19, 2016

When Crayons Don't Cut It

Pin It Plane, Train, Automobile, Restaurants, Waiting In Line...

I still have at least half a dozen Disney posts just sitting in draft form, waiting for me to wrap them up  in one way or another. Part of the problem is that I bought myself a Kindle Paperwhite and the Raven Boys Cycle is eating my brain. Find me on Goodreads!

But in honor of the summer, I'm reworking some of this post to include all travel and wait time with kids, not just Disney lines. Because, honestly, we used these in every step of our trip and continue to use them at restaurants, in the car, when one kid has to wait for another. The list goes on, and kids get tired of the same old crayons and coloring books. So toss some of these into your Go Bag.

First up, dry-erase activity... things.

If you are still reading this in 2016 and have children, there's a good chance you've been invited to one or two or 98 Usborne Book parties. I have not been asked for or compensated for my honest opinion by Usborne or any of their consultants, so you know what you get here is just my honesty. Usborne has some quality activities that use dry-erase markers. We brought the Doodle Tin to Disney to use while waiting anywhere. We entertained our children and many kids around us. Every morning I just grabbed a fresh stack to toss in my bag with a few markers so we weren't carrying the whole tin. I'm ordering a few more tins for our summer bag as well as the wrap-ups for my numbers-obsessed daughter.

Here is the link to the Usborne Activities page for ideas. It is not affiliated with any representative or party, but you can easily find a party, I'm sure.

Second, Mixels.

Legos for under $5 that take more than two steps and half as many seconds to piece together? Yes, please. I save these for lines and restaurants, planes, or anything I'm not driving and can help pick up an escape piece. Mixels can also be combine with like Mixels to create a Super Mixel. Lego's website has the step-by-step directions for each series!

Third, bubbles. Everybody loves bubbles. Bonus if you are at Disney because all the parents in line will love you for keeping kids happy and bubbles make for super cute photos. Bubbles also work in the rain. Just be sure if you are tossing bubbles in your purse that the bottle won't leak. If I'm carrying a diaper bag, I put them in the defunct bottle pocket. 

Fourth, Party Play Doh. Not only are these great for Halloween or birthdays, but having a few for long waits, especially when there is a table to be had, can make for hours of fun. 

By time you make it through that list, crayons and coloring books will look new again! May the odds be ever in your favor. 

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