Monday, March 5, 2012

DIY Felt Board

Pin It I was in a very crafting mood today.

A few weeks ago, I bought an Ikea IRMA throw to use in the Quiet Book, since it is cheaper than the cost of fleece or felt by the yard.

However, when I discovered that the felt I had was too small for the canvas I purchased, the blanket's purpose was reassigned.

Here is the 10-minute (or less) way to make your own felt board.

1) Buy a canvas and some felt that will fit over it.  I used a 20"x24" canvas I purchased at Michael's, using a 50% off coupon, and the Ikea IRMA blanket.

2) Using a staple gun, staple one edge of the blanket to one side of the frame on the back of the canvas.

3) Pull the fabric tight and staple to the other sides, trimming as necessary.  

4) Turn over and add cute felt cut-outs.

Farm scene by my dear friend, Janet!  I added the rainbow for some work with colors.

Then my inner geometry nerd shined.

 I made a mistake with a few triangles, and this happened:

Felt Board Success.

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