Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer Photo Dump

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Hello! Here we are!

The last post was over a month ago, and a crazy month it has been.

We've made cookies. (I will post this recipe once I find my camera charger and have access to the photos - it is too good not to share. And way too easy, too.)

We have read a ton of books.

There was a day when someone discovered the kitchen stool, the K-cup holder, and the light switches, all in under 5 minutes.
(Those were used K-cups awaiting composting and recycling, so someone also discovered how difficult it is to sweep up coffee grinds. But she did it.)

We spent a week in Nags Head, NC, arguably the most beautiful place on this blue-green marble we call home.

Glow sticks in the sand makes for some serious fun.

We found shells and used them for a sensory activity with our Play-Doh.

NC has some amazing produce.

We've been working on our signing. (Lemon)

And our counting.

We painted with our feet.

 There has been a fair amount of time spent in the pool...

... and in the garden.
We fed animals at the zoo,

and had a blast at the Museum of Science in Boston! (Or is it in Cambridge?)

That is how our summer has panned out thus far. 

I'm hoping that with the return of autumn and normalcy, I'll be putting more of our educational adventures on-line. But for now, we're enjoying the sunshine.

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