Friday, May 25, 2012

Sensory bin: Moon Sand

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I've seen recipes everywhere for home made moon sand.  I made a mess with moon sand as a kid.  Ever think no wonder my parents were so angry when I... I could finish that sentence with me putting moon sand in/on something at least 10 times.  Why did they keep giving it to me?  I will say that they gave me Gak exactly once.  Then I had to trade Pogs to get more Gak from my friends.

Oh man, I'm old.  And if you understood or related to that last sentence, so are you.

You can understand why I was a bit hesitant to make some for my child.  But really, it just made me vigilant.  Sorry, kid.  You won't be plastering the tv in moon sand today.

Like I said, I've stumbled upon several recipes.
I started with one and toyed with it until I got the moon sand to the consistency of wet cement.  It has dried out considerably, but the result was oobleck-esque sand.

4 cups play sand, sifted.  (ours isn't a particularly nice color.  If you have the lighter, finer stuff, you can dye it.)
2 cups corn starch
1.5 cups water

I added a sprinkle of glitter, but it was covered in gook by the end, and didn't make a difference.

Whisk the water and corn starch together in your bin.
Add in the sand about 1/3 at a time and mix well with your (or your kid's) hands.

This moon sand was very resistant, and it surprised her how hard she had to press to make an imprint.

 Because I made this a little more watery than regular moon sand, it had the qualities of a suspension. When rolled or pressed, it was a solid, but would liquify if you held it still.  Now that it has dried out a bit, it is more like wet beach sand.  (Adding more water would bring it back to suspension.)

Guess what?  It doesn't taste good.  If my child had any concept of cause and effect, she'd have regretted eating it the next day, when I had to change her "beachy" diaper.

It does not bounce.  But I'm glad she is still repeating the drop experiment!
Note to self - next bin should bounce.  (Actually, dried beans bounce surprisingly high...)

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