Friday, May 25, 2012

Sensory bins: Ice, ice, baby.

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I planned on making the Glory, Glory, Hallelujah dessert durring nap time.

Of course, nap time did not go as planned that day, and I had a toddler who wanted nothing more than to hang off my bones.  I had just removed the beans sensory bin, and needed something for her - fast.

It was 90 degrees out.  I dumped half the ice we had in the freezer into the bin and called it a day.

She LOVED it.  The puppy was also very appreciative when I took the used bin and put it in her bowl - puppy loves ice cubes.  This turned out to be perfect for a hot day and a great solution to a quick bin.  (I'll post what is in our bin now, soon, and you'll see why I didn't want to mix it before making dessert. The "kiddie" corner of the kitchen is a hot mess currently.)

Ice was so popular, I thought about turning it into art.  (I keep meaning to make colored ice cubes for her kiddie pool or the tub... I just never get to it.)

This was fast and fun.  Take any ice cube tray (the puzzle pieces are from Ikea) and put a dollop of paint into each.  

 Mix with water and freeze.

I love that they link together.  At this point I wished I had made both trays, just so I could play with a puzzle set. (I know.  My inner nerd is showing.)

And she painted.  Wouldn't you know, it came out looking just like a water color painting!

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