Sunday, July 5, 2015

Crazy Stuff We Do: How to find your people

Pin It We all want to find our "people." I'm not talking about your Ride or Die friend you met in grade school and will love always and forever, because that people is always your people, regardless of what kind of crazy you concoct.

I'm talking about when you leave home and have a profession and a passion and need to find a group of people that respect and understand both. It isn't easy. I used to think that it took me a while to find my Village, but I now realize that I came about it much faster than most.

How do you find those people?

You sniff them out by identifying your crazy in them. I'm dead serious.

I do a lot of things every single day that make me pause and think this is really insane. Just as fast, I know who to turn to for reassurance (because they do the same crazy thing) or someone who will get a good-natured laugh out of it (because they would never do that and love you anyway).

My friends are a phone call or text message or coffee date away. Maybe you don't have that. (I really hope you do, though.) So I'm going to start writing about the crazy things I do with its own little section. Maybe you'll understand and commiserate a bit. Maybe you'll shake your head and swear off that bit of crazy in your own world. Just don't get all Sancti on my blog. This is just for fun. Unless I'm doing something truly harmful, like feeding my husband Lily of the Valley accidentally.

I bring you, Crazy Stuff We Do.

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