Friday, July 3, 2015

Life Happened

Pin It I used to keep blogs like people collect stamps or hoard old emails. I was one of those serial bloggers. Naturally I started a SAHM blog when I stopped working after my first daughter was born. We bought a house, we adopted a dog, we traveled to France and made another baby. That was three years ago. Our youngest just turned two. Our garden is mostly under control, our puppy is mostly trained, our days are mostly routine. Miss V has a year of preschool under her belt.

I'm not a gifted writer. I don't have much focus and I don't have a particular genre that suits me. (Is "Mom" a genre? It should be.) I'm going to attempt resurrection of this blog in an effort to both keep me sane and document what it is that has me running around all the time. Maybe some day my kids will look at it and understand my coffee habit better.

So here we go again!

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