Monday, July 20, 2015

Disney Fantastic, O2 Style.

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In searching for ALL the Disney tips on Pinterest, I came across some Origami Owl Disney-themed lockets. Since I have all this pent-up Disney excitement I can't let out, I thought I'd toss some into accessorizing. As one does.

If Up didn't make you cry in the first 10 minutes, your tear ducts should be checked. They may be broken. As soon as I saw a version of this locket, I knew what I had to do. 

I ordered a plate for my locket and decided to inscribe it with "Adventure is out there!" Unlike the original, I didn't want mine to be free-floating. 

The moment my plate arrived I grabbed my Glue Dots, tweezers, and flat-sided crystals. 

Glue Dots spread very easily. I got excited and slapped the house in the middle before I remembered a photo.

The rest is just arranging the gems and putting it in the locket. One Disney locket down!

Caw caw RAWR!

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