Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Disney World - credit where credit is due

Pin It Before I keep going, there are a few people who should get shout-outs for all they did to make our trip amazing. We really wanted a magical trip, and every little bit just made it all so perfect.

First, our travel agent, Abbie at Love the Mouse. She was highly recommended by a trusted friend who could not sing higher praise. We now know why. She is fast to respond, answers every question expertly, and makes great recommendations. If I wasn't such a nervous wreck about the dining reservations and fastpasses, she would have set all those up. As it was, I was only so successful at making all of our reservations for when we wanted them because of her advice. Abbie set up our Disney Magical Express reservations, gave us tips on what to bring with us and what we could go without or get there. (I packed a suitcase of princess dresses that I purchased on clearance throughout the year so I wouldn't need to pay park prices or have a disappointed kid who didn't have a dress - thanks for all the tips, Abbie!) Even if you are just considering a trip or have questions, contact Abbie. Her services are free and she isn't at all pushy. She'll help shape your perfect vacation and make sure you are on the right track for your expectations, timeline, and budget.

Second, my friend Kirsten, owner of Julily's Boutique. She made the girls these gorgeous dresses.

I picked out the Mickey fabric (Kirsten had a bunch to suggest!) and gave her measurements. She did the rest! We gave the girls these dresses when we surprised them in the morning, and they have been begging to wear them since we returned. They are not only adorable and received a million compliments, but they are washable and will be well-loved. Not to mention the yellow was nice and bright, and when my little one ran up Main Street, she was easily spotted and matched her sister, so we were easily found. (I will never ever judge a parent with a kid on a kid leash at a public venue again. She just sprints. Bright colors. Matching her sister. Every day.)

Kirsten makes all sorts of gorgeous clothes. She makes reversible skirts, reversible dresses, leggings, vests, bow ties, headbands... if you want a quality outfit for a special event or to your specifications, contact her. 

And for helping me not be a hot, SAHM hot mess:

My Origami Owl friend, Bonni, helped me coordinate my lockets (which I love!) to the park and characters. Go big or go home, right? Momma wants to look good, too, and sometimes it is the small things! Want some VIP treatment? Need some attention from a great rep? Visit Bonni's page. 

My Jamberry representative and amazing lady I am so glad to know, Laura. I love Jamberry. She made sure my nails were Disney without being horrifying or gaudy. 

To all you ladies, I thank you. You made our trip extra special!

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  1. Aww, thanks!!!! This was your trip of a lifetime ... I'm glad you chose to go all out. :-)