Thursday, January 28, 2016

PJ Masks Cupcake Toppers - FREE!

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My five-year-old wanted a PJ Masks birthday party. Disney was a surprise, and we do want to share this day with people we love, so we are throwing a pizza party at home. No frills, no fuss.

However, PJ Masks is a brand new show that Disney won't start to market until much later. Of course this has caused the Etsy scene to explode with pricey options.

I'm grateful for free online photo editing programs that work with my Mac and do what the costly Adobe program does. I also always appreciate something that makes my life easier.

Free PJ Masks Cupcake Toppers (jpg download)

These aren't perfect, but they are created by me and free to you. With a pair of scissors, lollypop sticks, and maybe some cardstock to back them, you too can top your cupcakes.


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