Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Clips and Bits.

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Here's the truth about being Mommy.  Some days we are freakin' rockstars, and some days we throw Fruit Loops at our children and play DVRed Sesame Street while we curl up into the fetal position around our mug, not caring if we spill it on our fleece pants or if a toddler adds some Scrabble letters to the cup.  Most days we vacillate between the two on an hour-to-hour basis.  (If you want to know where I'm at right now, the baby is shoving ketchup packets through the holes in the side of the puppy's crate.  At least she's signing "in" to the puppy quite appropriately.  But I'm wearing jeans, and it is almost 5:30 pm, so really it isn't that desperate.  Yet.)

The past few weeks have been filled with learning, but I haven't done much that is crafty, clever, Montessori, or post-worthy (save a few recipes I'll share later).

We've had guests in and out over the course of the week.  Once they left, we went to a kennel to put a deposit down on a puppy they would have in next month, but fell in love with a puppy already at the kennel instead, and ended up getting a dog about 812 hours earlier than planned. Oh, life.

Marathon Monday, Boston
Photo courtesy of Alex Slepak

Photo courtesy of Erica L. Nelson

Photo courtesy of Erica L. Nelson
V.'s great-grandfather cast these ducks!  Make Way For Ducklings, Public Gardens, Boston.

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