Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sensory TABLE: Passover

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When I thought of what to put in the sensory bin for Passover, I started with a list of plagues.  Not the best places to start.  Then I thought of crushed matzoh.  Not only is matzoh expensive, I don't want my 14-month-old eating what is in the bin or throwing matzoh all around.  

Now, if you know anything of Moses, the country of Egypt, or Exodus, you know that I overthought this one.  The obvious thing is sand.  (Hello.)

Then, something wonderful, miraculous!, happened. My father sent V. a sand table.  The Step 2 sand table we put on our Amazon registry a million years ago.  It is shallow and raised and The Perfect Sensory Table.  This means I didn't need to put a bin of sand in my kitchen.  Double win.

I filled the table with sand and let V. just try it out for a little while.  Then I hid some "plague" toys in the sand - beasts (they look awfully friendly...), frogs, and bugs (couldn't find just locust).  The other pieces are all sand/sensory bin toys, like sifters and shovels.

She woke up from nap late, so she doesn't know about the hidden things yet.  Tomorrow, she's in for a surprise!

Since it took her so long to discover I had buried things in past bins, I thought I'd just lightly cover some of the bugs, as a hint.

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